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Along with the level of local infrastructure development, the kind of road transportation of products is determined by the distance travelled, the weight and volume of each cargo, and the type of commodities being transported. A van or pickup truck can be used to transport light, modest items over short distances. Even if the package is not a full truckload, a truck is still preferable for large shipments. Via certain nations, cargo is delivered by road in donkey carts, horse-drawn carriages, or other non-motorized vehicles.


Rail transportation, commonly referred to as train transportation, is the movement of people and commodities by wheeled vehicles that travel over rails that are set up on tracks. Rail cars (rolling stock) are directionally guided by the rails on which they move, as opposed to road transport, where the vehicles operate on a prepared level surface. Steel rails are often erected on sleepers (ties) that are buried in ballast to form the tracks, which are used to convey rolling stock, which is typically equipped with metal wheels.


The transportation of people and goods using aircraft, such as planes and helicopters. The most popular mode of travel for common carriers is now air travel. When moving high-value cargoes over long distances, addressing urgent demands, or when surface topography makes mobility difficult or considerably increases transport costs, the greatest efficiency and value are realised. Air travel is sometimes advantageous even for relatively small distances, despite the fact that the time and cost savings realised decline as distance travelled is lowered. In other cases, a communication or medical link between the various populations being serviced is also provided via air travel.


We are providing ftl service in multi type of vehicle 407,709,1109,1110, 22 feet Multi Axle, 24 feet Multi Axle, 32 feet Single Axle Containers, 32 feet Multi Axle Containers all fitted with GPS and Attached vehicles of 200 Nos of various sizes to cater to the specific requirements of our customers. We handle all types of Cargo viz., Steel, Electronics, Automotive Parts, FMGC, Chemicals, Glass, Oil, and Solar Panels with its fleet to the length and breadth of the country serving on routes all over India. With the various fleet size available and experience in the field for more than 8 years our services are best suited for FTL Transportation and In plant Logistics.


To add a feather in its cap the company started parcel booking services from the year 2015. The company offers parcel services based on door pickup / delivery at your door step. We provide JIT – Just in Time: Guaranteed Delivery of your Products as per schedule. The primary route which the company is now focusing is North to West and West to North. Due to its excellent service for the past several years in the parcel division the company is now one of the leading parcel services provider to many reputed companies in India related to products like Hardware, Wires, Footwear, Electrical Goods, Motor Parts, Textiles, Glass and House Hold Items.


We are a known storage company that offers the most trustworthy warehouse services. Are you fervently searching for India's best goods storage services? If so, you've come to the correct spot. We have a team of result oriented professionals which has massive experience in fetching the most faithful go down services for our respected clients. And all they are expert in their distinct fields. The company has own space in Gurgaon / Delhi / Roorkee / Haridwar / Dehradun of Warehousing. The company plans to open Ware houses across all major cities (Bangalore / Hyderabad/ Chennai/Mumbai/Pune) in India to provide customized ware housing storage and delivery solutions to its customers.


The company also dealing in ODC consignment (Over Dimension Consignment) from North to West and South with BHEL , Taurian, BMW , Everest. The company plans to deal from in ODC (Bangalore / Hyderabad/ Chennai/Mumbai/Pune) in India.