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Anaya Logistics is one of the leading Transportation service provider in India with a country wide network of 10 Branches having updated facilities in infrastructure and connectivity.

Anaya Logistics Is a diversified Company and provides integrated supply chain services including but not limited to:

  • Full Truck Load / Trailer Loads
  • Part Truck Load (Parcel)
  • Bulk/Break bulk Transportation
  • Containerized transportation
  • Other value added services (Customize Vehicle)

We have fixed very stringent service parameters to compliment the operations offered and provide substantial value additions by way of:

  • Point-to-point service
  • Containerized vehicles
  • Suitable delivery schedule and transit time
  • Tracking through VTS for dedicated vehicles
  • Solution design support
  • System generated MIS / Reports

Anaya Logistics


  • Our number one priority is safety. All of our packages are handled, shipped, and kept with extreme security.
  • Your packages will be properly delivered to the desired location at the doorstep by our delivery representatives.
  • Never once have we been late with a delivery.Utilize our services.
  • Quality endures long after the cost has been forgotten.
  • Clearance and compliance service.
  • Volume Doesn’t Matter.